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Ozonated Olive Oil (OOO) is available in 2kg & 5kg bulk packaging.

Clients interested in bulk OOO must contact our company before placing an order.

2kg (4.4 lb) Cube
5 x 5 x 5"
5kg (11 lb) Brick
4 x 8 x 10"

Frozen OOO Cube/Brick in
2-layer bag
Weight check Frozen OOO Cube/Brick in
2-layer bag inserted into
Cube/Brick Box
Cube/Brick Box is
sealed and labeled
One Cube/Brick box
packed into shipping box
Shipping box with
1x OOO Cube/Brick
ready for transport

Each Cube/Brick of frozen OOO is packed in a 2-layer bag and carton box. If multiple OOO Cubes/Bricks are purchased, we select an appropriate sized shipping box into which individual Cube/Brick Boxes are packed.

After receiving the delivery:

  • OOO Cubes/Bricks are shipped frozen
  • OOO can be exposed to room temperature up to 3 weeks without any detrimental effect
  • Upon delivery, we recommend that client should:
    1. Remove OOO Cube/Brick in their protective Cube/Brick Boxes from EXTERNAL shipping carton
    2. Store the OOO Cube/Brick (in the protective Cube/Brick Box) in a freezer