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This page contains feedback we have received from clients that have used Ozonated Olive Oil. These are their accounts reflecting their personal experience(s) and observation(s) while using it. Their experiences may or may not be able to be recreated. Feedback listings contained in this section are not presented with the intention of supporting the sales of the product, but rather as an attempt to contribute to an exchange of information.

As always, the following rule applies - You should consult your health practitioner before trying any product that could affect your health.

If you are currently using Ozonated Olive Oil, and would like to add your results to our database, please use our Ozonated Olive Oil Feedback Form.

Submitted by Erika. / March 4, 2013


  • Moisturize and help heal my face after Zyclara cheamo creme on it for 1 month to treat actinic C
  • My hands
  • Inflamed tendons


After I finished my 2 week Zyclara cheamo cream treatment of the face, I used the Ozonated Olive Oil every night and my face healed so well and fast and felt wonderfully moisturized! After 14 days I had to repeat the Zyclara and as soon as I was finished I again applied a small amount of the OOOil and my Specialist was speechless :)

My face has healed very nicely and without scarring. The skin is soft and it seems like I have less wrinkles now. My son is an RMT and after a long day his hands hurt. He used it once and he says his pain is virtually gone! We will keep using it from now on. Thank you!

Submitted by Angela. / January 31, 2011


  • Molescum contageosum


I (Angela, the mom) apply the solid ozonated olive oil three times a day. Morning, after school, and bedtime. We have been using it for about two weeks and looks like we should only have to use it another few days.

After being to the doctor time and time again and being told they would have to burn my son's molescum contageosum blisters off one at a time, i refused. I was told there was no other treatment, but thankfully we were told about ozonated olive oil. It's quick, painless, and working wonderfully! My son's blisters were the size of peas, and now they are tiny little crumbs barely visible to the naked eye! We are amazed and true believers in this product! Ozonated olive oil saved my son hours and hours of time spent in the doctors office getting them burnt off with liquid nitrogen which would have been very painful! Thanks for the great product!

Submitted by Linda L. / October 27, 2010


  • Post surgical incisions
  • Burns


I had surgery on my hand and began using Ozonated Olive Oil as soon as I got the stitches out. Also, my husband has diabetic neuropathy (no feeling) in his hands and burns himself, sometimes very badly, and does not realize it.

On my hand, within 7-10 days, using it 1-2 times a day with bandage changes, you could barely even see a scar!
My husband's burns-we use Ozonated Olive Oil daily for 1-2 weeks and they have healed beautifully! Wonderful product!!

Submitted by Dr. Froylán Alvarado Güémez / November 12, 2003


  • Diabetic foot
  • Skin ulcers
  • Psoriasis

In diabetic foot firstable I use ozonated water for cleaning the wound and after that I use an enough amount of the OOO directly and after that cover it with gauze. This protocol is more o less the same with the other ailments.

Really amazing in most of the cases. The infection tissues became sane in very short time and the oxigenation and local circulation improves very fast

Submitted by T.G. / June 23, 2003


  • Vaginal yeast infection

I formed some ozonated olive oil into the shape of a suppository to fit inside a vaginal insert tube and then put it into the insert tube and placed it in the freezer so it would not melt before i was able to insert it into my vagina. I did this for about a week, morning and night. It made my yeast infection that I had been fighting for 3 1/2 months go completely away. I have not been bothered with it sense. I had tried over the counter, prescription, hydrogen peroxide and homeopathic, none of which helped to completely eliminate the yeast. I'm thankful to have been turned onto ozonated olive oil, it works.

Submitted by Debbie Anne Hall / June 2, 2003


  • Adult acne
  • Toenail fungus
  • Small cuts

Adult acne - just one or two applications within a two day period
Toenail Fungus - several daily applications to sides of toenails for several days is all!!

Acne disappeared in two days! Toenail Fungus disappeared within month!

Submitted by Massa Fast / February 20, 2003


  • Foot sore care on my client
  • Skin rash from allergies
  • Pressure sores on my clients

I clean the sores or rashes using hydrogen peroxide gel or saline solution, then rinse well. I then apply the ozonated olive oil directly to the sore/rash area. If there are medically prescribed topical's ordered I then apply that topical last.

The results are amazing! Even overnight pressure sores lose that "pink around the edges look." All the sores that are treated with ozonated olive oil heal rapidly and actually enhance the action of medically prescribed topical's.

Submitted by Deb Landrum / June 14, 2002


  • anti friction on leg amputation stump inside the prosthesis liner
  • to heal a herniation on the incision from a total hip replacement surgery

For the purpose of lubrication on the amputation stump, OOO is applied each morning. The stump used to get extremely irritated and would be prone to developing ulcers from rubbing. OOO also is used to treat an athlete's foot-like fungus that sometimes crops up on the stump. In both of the above mentioned uses, OOO is applied like a salve to the areas. For the purpose of healing the incision site from the hip replacement surgery, OOO use as an ointment was begun at 6 weeks after the surgery. Clean the area with 3% hydrogen peroxide and apply OOO and then gauze dressing.

For the incision from the hip replacement surgery, there were 4 spots along the incision that seemed herniated or as if they were rejecting the internal stitches. The surgeon recommended using silver nitrate, which we tried, however the irritation caused by the silver nitrate made the situation worse. We did not think about using the OOO for several weeks, and during that time 3 of the 4 sites cleared on their own. The last site was stubborn and oozed daily enough to soak a double layer of 4x4 gauze sponges (Topper) as well as a doubled over Surgi-pad dressing. The spot looked like a tiny water balloon that was sticking out from the skin. I would clean the area with 3%hydrogen peroxide and apply a triple antibiotic ointment but the oozing did not lessen. At the time frame of 6 weeks from the surgery, using OOO finally occurred and within 7 days of using it in place of the triple antibiotic ointment, the "balloon" popped (I believe because the surrounding skin actually was healing and choked it off) and the day after the "balloon" popped, the dressing was completely dry - except for the residue of the OOO. On a follow up visit to the surgeon this afternoon, (8 weeks and 4 days from the surgery) I told him that the OOO was the reason for the healing and he sort of rolled his eyes and smiled. I firmly believe that other than the prayers I was saying, the OOO healed the site. 7 weeks of oozing suddenly stopped in 7 days and the only part of the protocol that was changed was substituting OOO for the triple antibiotic ointment. The surgeon can smile if he wants to, but I KNOW that had we not initiated the OOO protocol, the oozing would still be going on!

Submitted by Simmie Betts / April 21, 2001

A stage 4 bedsore on my diabetic fathers foot.

I clean it really good with a 3% solution of H2O2 and then rub the oil on the sore and all around it. In 2 weeks time all of the redness and soreness is completely gone. The nurse that comes to look at it is completely amazed. I just rub it all over the area 2 times a day and keep it wrapped up.

The results are fantastic. The next step for him would have been amputation because it was starting to smell bad. I feel sure that this will heal it completely but I will let you know in a few weeks how it is doing.

Submitted by Den Rasplicka / April 25th, 1999

I use(d) ozonated olive oil for bleeding gums.....

At night:

  1. flossing first
  2. Ozonated Olive Oil

In the morning:

  1. flossing first
  2. Ozonated Olive Oil
  3. toothpaste

.....two weeks, that is all what was needed. I still continue using OOO for brushing my teeth 2-3x week just for preventive maintenance. My last visit in dental office was in 1995, maybe even 1994. No pain, no cavities, no bleeding.

I feel obligated to disclose that I have my fingers in OOO production and distribution....

Submitted by Mark Kaufman / March 24th, 1999

I was born on January 30, 1953. On June 23rd, 1970 I was in a motorcycle accident that left me a paraplegic. I broke eleven vertebrae and severed my spinal cord in three places. I have been confined to a wheelchair ever since.

Mark Kaufman LetterA frequent problem for me, and for many wheelchair bound paraplegics, are bedsores, or "Decubitus Ulcers" on my hips. I first experienced this problem in 1973 and many times since. The bedsores are a result of sitting in the wheelchair rather than lying in bed. The typical solution is for me to be confined to bed, often for weeks at a time, lying first on one side and then the other. I have also been hospitalized on several occasions.

In early September 1998 I developed several bedsores, first on my right hip and then on my left. I was either hospitalized or confined to bed at home for the next several months. During December 1998 surgery was performed and a section of skin was lifted over and grafted onto my right hip, an operation requiring more than 200 stitches.

By February 1999 one particularly troublesome bedsore remained, covered with a bandage that was changed daily. In late February I was given a small bottle of a new ointment that I was told would help with my bedsore problem. I was instructed to rub a small portion of the ointment on the affected area several times a day. I did and within three days the bedsore was completely healed. I could not believe what happened and how fast it healed. Today there is no scab or scar. This ointment is like a miracle for me.

I will never again have to live in fear of bedsores. For me this is a real lifesaver. I have mentioned this to several of my wheelchair bound friends, all of whom experience problems with bedsores. They have all asked that I get the ointment for them. I highly recommend this product for anyone with problems like mine.

Mark Kaufman

Notes from Ozone Services:

  • Ointment Mr. Kaufman is referring to is Ozonated Olive Oil.
  • Mr. Kaufman is a client of Mr. Hayes (OOO Distributor).

Submitted by M. Poole / March 1999


  • For poison oak, two applications in one day.
  • For Acne and blemishes one application per day.
  • Diabetic w/swollen big toe, several times per day.

When used for poison oak after two applications, the rash and itching was gone the next day.

When used for Acne and blemishes , they usually are gone in two or three days.

My Diabetic friend was on antibiotics for months for a swollen big toe which did not want to respond to the antibiotics. She had to go on medical leave of absence from work because she could barely walk and could not wear a shoe. The toenail was already gone and was oozing. Her doctor told her that she might loose her toe .

After using the oil for three days, several times a day, her toe returned to normal size, minus the toenail.

Submitted by Shelley Charlesworth / December 1998

I use it just inside my nose in this dry weather as a moisturizer. It is great! I have also used it on scratches on my hands - they heal right up. My husband used it on a non-healing sore on his arm - it cleared right up. He also used it for athlete's foot - gone!!! One day last week, I had a sore hip from doing the "twist" on my rebounder too vigorously - I rubbed some ozonated olive oil on my right hip and got immediate relief. Needed to do it again about 4 hours later and then the next day I felt normal in the hip again.

Makes nose feel moist and comfortable. Cuts & scratches on hands & arms I get from pruning shrubs in the yard heal right up. Sore muscles improve rapidly.

Submitted by Susan Yensen / March 1998

I used Ozonated Olive Oil on my heel and feet. After three applications, my heels (alligator skin) were much improved. Nothing has ever worked like this.

Submitted by Jerome Hansen / May 1997

My partner, Lisa, gets these herpes simplex sores on her lips all the time. Once they start, it takes 7-10 days before they heal. A few days ago one started so she tried the Ozonated Olive Oil about an hour after it first appeared. Within a few hours it was gone completely. That is what excited us so much about your product.

Both of us get the sores periodically and can't stand how painful, ugly and embarrassing they are. I've had to deal with them since I was a small child at least 1 or 2 times a year. We've tried everything from herbs, vitamins, minerals, over the counter drugs to prescription drugs and nothing has worked like this before. I know that millions of others suffer from the same problem and we saw this product as having great potential.

Submitted by John Fries / Apr 1997

Thanks for the olive oil samples. One was given to a friend for a skin rash that developed after removing some bushes in a hedge row. Unfortunately, the condition persists. No improvement was noted. I used the other sample, myself. I have had chronic sinus infections. Someone on the list mentioned placing the oil in the ears at night as a way to treat the problem. Again, no success. I am glad to hear that others have found the oil helpful, unfortunately these two situations have not responded.

Submitted by Greg C., Ontario / Apr 1997

I was one of the people who received Den's Ozonated Olive Oil. A few weeks ago I fell while skiing and re-injured my shoulder ligaments that were already causing acute pain off an on from a fall a year ago. I received ultra sound which helped a little bit but not for long. THEN I started rubbing on a very small amount of oil morning and evening. The pain disappeared within minutes of application, stayed pain free almost all day, before needing another treatment in the evening. After two weeks my arm is back to 80% and improving daily.

THEREFORE, I can attest to the very healing properties of ozonated olive oil to treat inflamed tendons, not to mention athlete's foot and other fungal conditions.

Thank you Den!!

Submitted by Mike P., Guelph / Feb 1997

Den here's one for your ozonated olive oil update, this is direct quote by the person and an account of its use:

"On Sat Feb 22/97 around 5:15pm at a cub camp, I was the quarter master, preparing supper for approx. 25 boys, in the process of taking 2 ten pound lasagnas (dishes) out of the oven, the cloth slipped and the 450 (degree F) pan sat in the palm of my hand. Second degree burns were there, ice was applied, two extra strength Tylenol were taken, your cream (ozonated olive oil) was applied to the burn area within 1 hr the pain was less, no blister came at all people who saw the burn that night, were amazed the next day at the recovery of my hand, full movement, no pain, no blister.

Thanks so much

A.F., Guelph, Ont."

Den this is a direct quote. I was at the camp when the women burnt her hand and it was not nice, alot of pain. I happen to live close by to the camp so I went home and got one of my jars of ozonated olive oil you sent me. She put it on the burn, she said about an hour after the accident, but it was more like and hour and half. I had to convince her to use it. At first it stung like h...., she said. She couldn't move her hand at all. By later that evening she had reduced pain and minor movement. On Monday she was back at work (she has a physical job in a mail postal work). I saw her on Tues the 25th she had no blisters and no pain. She was very impressed so I asked her to write her experience, the above quote is her response. She said she worked Monday pain free. She was so impressed that she gave the jar to her mother to use, her mother has open sores which haven't been healed in 2 months, complications from diabetes. She is convinced it will help her mother. Her comment to me, besides the very sincere thanks was "sign me up, I buy it".

Just one recount for you. I know I had asked for 3 jars for my wife to use on a couple patients (she's a massage therapist) but she hasn't used it. I think it's partly she's afraid of it and partly she "hates" to massage w/ oily substances.

I had wrote to you about using it on my hip which was very itchy, and to recount, the itching stopped almost immediately but my skin became very rough. At that point the thread moved on to your use of H2O2 in a sauna and a dry skin reaction to that scenario.

I've had 2 other situations w/ Ozonated olive oil which I will now share. One of Jack Russell terriers had a very rough skin spot on one of his front paws, lost hair on it and it was that way for a number of months. It looked raw but not running. I applied the oil 2-3 times. I checked his paw yesterday, this would be over a month later, I don't recall how long, and you could not tell the spot without looking extremely hard. The hair was all grown back in.

Here's the last comment on the use of Ozonated olive oil. I told the above mentioned women (burnt hand) that you could use the oil on cold sores. She did, and as well my wife did. However it brought the cold sore out even more.

I wondered if this might be a "healing crisis"? I not sure if they continued using it, probably not because human reaction to something like that is to stop using it instead of continuing through w/ it.

Submitted by Scott H. / February 1997

I purchased three - 2oz bottles of ozonated olive oil.

After one month, my wife and I are just finishing the first 2oz bottle. My wife uses it on her face in the evening (before bed) when she has sinus congestion / headaches. It usually takes about 3 or 4 days of doing this to relieve the pressure and clear the congestion. This may sound like a long time, but previously she could have sinus problems for weeks.

I use Ozonated Olive Oil all over my head (face and hair) and sometimes on my chest when I catch a head and/or chest cold. Ozonated Olive Oil helps me breath better when my lungs are congested. Its great for head colds - I usually wake up with my head feeling well and the rest of my body feeling like I have a cold.

I have even used Ozonated Olive Oil (in the evening before bed) on my arm pits when my lymph nodes were sore and swollen from a particularly bad cold. The following morning, my arm pit lymph nodes were much better - no longer hard and swollen. I do not know how long it would have taken without Ozonated Olive Oil, but my past experience is usually 2 or 3 days (verse 12 hours)

I store my Ozonated Olive Oil in the refrigerator - which seems to work well.

For a landed cost of approx. $16 per bottle, I believe it is well worth including this product with my normal stock of homeopathic supplies.

I have not used Ozonated Olive Oil on either of my two daughters (ages 3 months and 1.5 years) as of yet. If anyone has experience with Ozonated Olive Oil and children, please let me know.

That's all for now. Scott Hilsen (hilsen@wolfenet.com)

Submitted by Jackie K., Pennsylvania / December 1996

For ear infections I put a few drop of ozonated olive oil in my ear and rub some all around the out side of the ear and behind the ear. I also have sinus problems I rub WELL ozonated oil on my forehead, down my nose and under my eyes I did this for three days morning and evening then my sinus started to drain. For a week all I did was blow my nose that was 4 years ago I do not suffer any more. If I start to feel a little congested I rub it on again and the congestion goes away.

Submitted by Ed T., California / October 1996

After doing rectal implants of the oil for several weeks my viral load test changed from 98,000 to 3,500 (approximately). Of course my doctor wanted to know what made the change and I told him. He said that he usually doesn't see immune cell counts improve with ozone use.

Submitted by Anthony S., Oregon / October 1996

Den, I haven't mentioned this before, but ozonated olive oil is really phenomenal. I have had wonderful relief of my psoriasis on my leg and scalp. I really enjoy the odour as well. I am a racing bicyclist and we are always looking for special creams to keep the behind comfortable and happy -- ozonated olive oil is really it!

The Use of Ozone in Medicine, by Rilling and Viebahn, recommend the external use of ozonated olive oil for fungal infections, fistulae, anal fissure, decubitus, epidermorophyton, and mycosis. It is our opinion that ozonated olive oil should be effective for any external viral, bacterial of fungal infection and other use for which ozone gas is also effective. That would include herpes, burns and the stimulation of wound healing.

Ozonated olive oil must be stored in a refrigerator.

Submitted by Ed T., California / May 1996

He has aids with low immune cell counts. Larry most successfully used the oil to keep under control small bumps and open sores which appeared on his face especially around his eyes. The sores were diagnosed as a form of herpes. He applied the oil morning and evening and found the wounds healed within a few days. Larry is very enthusiastic about how the oil works for him.

He is HIV positive. David used the oil on an anal fissure which became especially irritated during periods of loose stools. He found the oil to be very soothing in general, and he reports that the fissure has not been bleeding as much as before.

Robert is HIV positive. He used the oil at the first sign of an eruption of genital herpes. He reported his outbreaks healed several days faster when he used the oil.

Michael had a severe sinus infection. He cut chunks of the semi-frozen ozone oil and put it into a clean eyedropper bottle. He carried the bottle in his pocket for a few minutes to melt the oil into liquid form. Lying back, he put one dropper full of the oil into each side of his nose. A few minutes later when he blew the oil out copious amounts of infected material came with it. He repeated this at least two times a day and after three days the infection was mostly gone. He was able to avoid using antibiotics by using the ozone oil.

I am HIV positive. What I consider to be the most important use for this oil is for rectal implants for the purpose of ozonating the blood and lowering HIV levels in the body. I first do a coffee enema to clear the colon as well as encourage the liver to detoxify. I implant about 30 to 45 cc's of the oil using a syringe barrel and remain lying down for the rest of the evening, usually 8-10 hours. I might repeat this 2 or 3 days in a row. (So far, I have been unsuccessful in convincing any of the others to try this technique.)

I had a relatively severe sinus infection which had gone on for several weeks. I tried using an eye dropper to irrigate my sinuses with the oil as a last resort before going to the doctor for antibiotics. I melted the oil and mixed it half and half with unozonated olive oil because I was afraid the full strength oil with burn. I did the irrigation morning and evening. It tingled, but did not burn. The results were amazing. After the first irrigation so much more mucous was eliminated from the sinuses. By the end of the second day, the infection was markedly less. I didn't need to used the oil at all after a few days. More importantly, I didn't need to visit the doctor for antibiotics.

I used the oil on two wounds resulting from wart removal. These two wounds resisted healing for several weeks after two other similar wounds had disappeared. Within just a few days there was a noticeable improvement. I have also used it on other minor cuts, etc., in situations where I might use a topical antibiotic. The cuts close and heal almost over night.