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This page contains feedback we have received from clients that have used Ozonated Olive Oil. These are their accounts reflecting their personal experience(s) and observation(s) while using it. Their experiences may or may not be able to be recreated. Feedback listings contained in this section are not presented with the intention of supporting the sales of the product, but rather as an attempt to contribute to an exchange of information.

As always, the following rule applies - You should consult your veterinarian before trying any product that could effect your animals health.

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Submitted by Janice Williams / January 3, 2005 Condition:

  • Tumor

My 18-yr-old cat has a tumor on his belly. He is not a surgical candidate. I healed the tumor once before with the ozonated olive oil. Unfortunately the tumor has opened up again. It is a lot deeper this time and the cat is not cooperative in letting me pack the wound. Nevertheless, the ozonated olive oil controls odor from the wound drainage and does seem to be helping the ulcer again. I use the ozonated olive oil daily, cover the ulcer with a "Kotex" pad, and hold it all in place with the cut-off top of a pair of panty hose. I was trying traditional wound care using Xeroflo Gauze but the ulcer and the drainage just kept getting worse and worse. Results:
As above. I will let you know when the tumor closes again. It closed once before and went into remission for several months. The ozonated olive oil is soothing and does not irritate the tumor or the surrounding skin.